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I'm busy with work.. but why English??

If you're happy with adequacy, you don't need English.
But if you want more opportunities in your career path, English is a must.

From academia to business, all information is published and popularizedin English.

Proficiency in English is essential if you want to work at global companies.

Your customers should be the 8 billion people worldwide.

Learn. Practice. Win.

Education that is not used in real life is meaningless. GeekEnglish focuses only on the English that is truly necessary for your career path.

Don't wait.

Don't wait.

Struggling to find the right moment to ask your teacher? Our AI tutors are here for you 24/7, specializing in teaching English with personalized, live coaching.

GeenEnglish Interview

AI English Interview Package for a Confident Future

70 essential questions for English interviews

Download recorded answers as mp3

Feedback on answer scripts for each question

"Unlimited" English proofreading

"Unlimited" mock interviews

"Unlimited" KO/EN translation

No Install needed.

Code with just a web browser without any installations.

Coding for Real Life

Create practical educational outputs that can be applied to real-life such as websites, blogs, portfolios, and more.

Build your own IT projects

With just one click, upload the programs you create to the internet and share the URL with your friends.

Real-time AI Feedback

No need to wait for the instructor. Ask the AI tutor anytime, anywhere, and receive instant responses.

Prepare definitively.

Self-introductions and interview responses are the mirror of your career. Above all, you must be able to speak clearly and accurately.

  • Creating answer scripts for 70 frequently asked interview questions
  • Script correction using unlimited AI feedback
  • English pronunciation checks through real-time voice recognition
Practice as if it's the real deal.

Practice as if it's the real deal.

Practice real interview situations without pressure, together with unlimited AI mock interviews.

  • Random, multiple-choice interview questions
  • AI review and feedback on interview answers
  • Download recorded answers as mp3 files
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